4 Color Business Cards

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Have you ever seen a sharp-looking business card with a full color photo? It's a new trend that's generating a lot of buzz--and attracting a lot of eyes to the best designed cards. If you want to recreate this impressive look on your own business card, you'll want to ask for a 4 color card.

To achieve this look, printing presses use four colors of ink, which are placed in layers of dots on the paper. When the colors on the dots are combined, the illusion of many colors is created, even though only four are actually used. Another name for 4 color printing is CMYK, taken from the colors that are used in the process: cyan blue (C), magenta red (M), yellow (Y), and black (B).

When using a service to print your 4 color business cards, make sure to convert your artwork to the CMYK color space before you submit it. If you don't know how to do this, simply ensure the company you're using does. Without this, the file can't be separated into the four different colors, which means printing plates can't be made.

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