Custom Logo Embroidery

Promote school spirit by having your school's logo embroidered on shirts and caps. Having your school's logo embroidered on apparel is a great way to give your students a long-lasting souvenir of their school days. Many students love to keep memorabilia from their school years, especially when the article in question is a handsomely embroidered shirt or cap.

One reason embroidery is a great option is because of its durability. Designs are sewn into the clothing, making it difficult to remove. Unlike shoddy silk screening jobs or iron-on transfers, which may start to deteriorate after several washings, your embroidered clothing will last for an extremely long time.

In addition, embroidered logos give apparel a more professional look than simple transfers. A lot of work goes into creating these handsome designs, which is evident in the high quality of the end product. When you choose an embroidery service to handle your logo transfer, you certainly won't be disappointed in the end result!

Laserdata Print 'n Brand on Demand has the tools to complete your custom logo embroidery project. We'll take your design and format it until it's readable by the embroidery machine. Our exceptional equipment will then take over the task of sewing your logo onto your apparel. The cost of your entire project will depend on the complexity of your logo, because the number of stitches involved will differ from project to project. Send over your design today, and we'll be happy to give you a complete quote.