Embroidery Companies

Are you looking for a unique and lasting wearable item for your company picnic? Or perhaps you need a celebratory hat for your softball team, or a valuable giveaway to get your small business off the ground. Whatever your need for memorable promotional items, embroidered products are a great solution.

The only hitch is finding an embroidery company whose prices are reasonable and whose abilities are driven by quality. Though there are many choices out there, Laserdata is a solid bet. We've been in the printing business for over three decades and have added certain capabilities to our long list over the years. Professional embroidery is one of them.

Just as with our printing operation, we allow you to design your own embroidery, which we then produce for you. You can even submit your design directly to us using our FTP site, if you like. We'll set up the design to be produced on whichever promotional wearable that you choose and will send you a proof for approval before we start production. This allows you to see the result beforehand and to pause the process if anything is inaccurate.

It's how we've stayed in business for so long at Laserdata. We give our customers a huge array of choices and helpful service so the burden of your task is lifted. No matter what the occasion or what the size of your need, talk to one of our friendly staff members and we'll help you understand exactly what is involved. On the other hand, if you're ready to order, you can do so right now on our site.