Online Business Cards

In the old days, it took a few trips to the printers to place your order, check the proof, and then to pick up the order. Thanks to the Internet though, you can now order and check your design work remotely, speeding up the process while keeping it accurate and secure. Laserdata is your connection to this efficient system.

By using digital formats, instead of the "hard-copy" artwork that was required in the past, you can easily send your design to our FTP site to upload to us. Some people, however, worry that digital images may turn out "blocky," which is a real concern. It's not uncommon for images to be compressed in a way that gives them an unnatural look.

At Laserdata, we won't start printing your order until we get the OK from you that it's exactly what you want. It's our quality assurance process, and it guarantees that we get your order right the first time. After receiving your order, we'll send you an email with the proof of your art; once we get that back from you, we'll start the presses.

Another concern in this digital age is security. Companies or individuals don't want others peeking into their files or "borrowing" their designs, and we understand your concern. That's why we use programmable 24/7 surveillance, monitoring cameras, and other security features at our printing plant to keep your art and printing secure at all stages of the printing process. At Laserdata, we'll process your order without sacrificing security, quality, or accuracy.