Online Printing Companies

In today's fly-by-night economy, companies come and go, sometimes meeting their customers' expectations and sometimes not. The best gauge of a company's success is their track record: how long have they been doing what they do? From that perspective, it's hard to find a more successful online printing company than Laserdata.

We started printing before printing was digital. We got our start back in 1975, when printers used plates and all the artwork was delivered by hand. The industry started going digital in the early 1980s, but not everyone made the cut. We certainly did; in fact, we stayed on the technological forefront and are still there today, delivering quality printing, error-free and on time.

When the Internet became mainstream, we continued to print, and made it even easier for customers to reach us and place their orders. To do so, simply go to our FTP site, upload your artwork, and then proof it. We'll take it from there, making large and small press runs of black and white or full-color orders. Whether it's business cards or instructional booklets, we've been printing orders like this for more than 30 years, and plan to do so while other online printing companies come and go.

At Laserdata, we have the experience and technology to get your print orders right the first time, and we take pride in our longevity. We want to be the ultimate online authority for online printing services. Take a virtual tour of our plant, check out our high-tech presses, or simply send us an order and see what we mean.