Screen Printing Companies

At we know you have plenty of choices when it comes to screen printing companies, and we work hard to earn your business. Screen printing is one of the most popular printing methods used today for everything from designing promotional materials and labeling sporting equipment to larger applications such as marketing and advertising campaigns.

Screen printing is derived from the Japanese tradition of stenciling, and the modern process was patented in Manchester, England. The original screen printing process actually involved the use of a swatch of silk fabric stretched out on a canvas frame. Hand-painted stencils were used for exceptional detail and delicate-looking results. Later, John Pillsworth, a resident of San Francisco, would introduce screen printing involving multiple colors.

If you're trying to reach new customers with promotional materials, image quality is very important. The quality of the design and the saturation of the colors are essential components in making a lasting impression on new clients. We take pride in our printing process, and we provide you with a proof of the final artwork before your order is complete.

Screen printing is the printing method of choice for smaller print runs. Many companies order screen printed materials for their displays and larger posters. Screen printing is also a popular choice when dealing with heavier materials or thicker card stocks. If you're interested in screen printing, find out what we can do to improve your image today.