Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing is a process that dates back many years. Originally, a piece of silk was stretched over a wooden frames and hand-painted stencils were then covered with ink. The process produced a unique result that was ideal for everything from printing promotional materials to designing logos and clothing.

Silk screen printing was popular during World War II as the printing process became more mechanized. During this time, silk screen printing was used for flags and banners. Screen printing was an affordable and effective way to mass produce all kinds of different patriotic items. This process was also popular for printing advertising materials for the newly developing chain stores that were cropping up around this time.

Over the years, the basic idea behind screen printing has changed very little. The process remains the same, even though the design techniques have changed thanks to the introduction of the computer and advancements in the printing press and the chemical contents of the inks.

At, we make silk screen printing easier than ever thanks to our convenient online ordering system. After you download your image to a digital file, we create a film positive for output. From there we create a photo screen which is then stretched over a screen, and color is applied through the open areas in the screen. To find out more about the process--or for a free price quote--check out our website today.